Commercial Awnings

Commercial Awnings

If you want a newly-installed custom awning for your building, office or business establishment, you can count on Brusey Awnings. We provide attractive awnings, as well as awning installation.

We offer a wide array of awning products and services meant to make you happy and satisfied. Not only will it make your storefront business “pop,” it will provide a memorable visual impact that ensures you stand out from the street and customers remember your logo and brand!

We use only the finest materials that can block the sun’s harmful UV rays. With our canopies, you’re sure to improve your storefront’s appeal and make customers feel at home doing business with you.

Awnings can also protect your interiors, vehicle and, most importantly, your customers. Ensure they come back for more by making them feel special!

Brusey Awnings will customize your awning to your specific window size and shape. Check out our gallery for a sampling of products!

Aluminum Awnings

Residential Awnings

Brusey Awnings has been helping customers make homes more livable for more than 90 years! We accomplish this by providing flexible solutions for your entire awning needs. Your home’s entrance is the one place you and your guests can be exposed to the elements. Standing in the rain or snow, looking for keys or waiting for someone to answer the door is not an enjoyable experience. A door awning can not only protect the area from falling rain and snow, but also adds character.

Ontario Hydro now recommends awnings over windows to save on energy costs. Awnings protect windows, frames and interiors from UV rays and heat transfer, while still allowing natural light to enter. This ensures furniture, draperies and carpets remain undamaged and your rooms remain cool.

Using only the finest 100% acrylic fabrics, complete with a 5-year fabric warranty, we provide hundreds of colour and pattern options to choose from. We also offer custom-made retractable awnings in any size or shape with traditional rope and pulley retraction, as well as motorized operation via remote control. For colour and fabric ideas, visit and click on “Awnings.” You can also visit our gallery for a sampling of our products!

Commercial Awnings

Aluminum Awnings & Railings

An aluminum awning adds a classic or contemporary look to your home, permanent all-weather protection for your entranceway and can provide year-round patio use.

Specializing in custom awning design for both residential and commercial structures of all shapes and sizes, Brusey Awnings provides aluminum awnings with a durable baked-on enamel finish, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and is maintenance-free.

Available in up to 10 basic colours, aluminum awnings can be accented with feature stripes to tie in the colour scheme of your home or match the railing.

Aluminum Railings

Brusey Awnings can transform the look of your home or business with the installation of expertly manufactured, solid powder-coated aluminum railings.

They are the perfect accent for your stairs, sundeck, walkway, pool enclosure or balcony. Available in various styles, colours and dimensions, in regulation heights of 36″ and 42.”

Make awnings and railings part of your home improvement plan!

Visit our gallery for a sampling of our products!

Awning Styles

Brusey Awnings can build the ideal awning for virtually any size of home or business, in canvas, acrylic and aluminum. Check out our commercial awnings, residential awnings and aluminum options, or contact us directly for more information.

Offers a European look and is ideal for casement windows and entranceways. Available as Retractable or Stationary. For both Residential and Commercial use.

Is a fixed awning, ideal for entranceways. For both Residential and Commercial use.

Offers a clean look, ideal for storefront. For both Residential and Commercial use.

Offers a decorative scalloped edge, ideal for windows and front stairs. Available as Retractable or Stationary.

Offers clean modern lines, ideal for storefront. For both Residential and Commercial use.

Offers clean, modern lines, ideal for storefront, and affords a backdrop for logo/address details. For both Residential and Commercial use.

Products For

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Walkways
  • Recreation
  • Athletics
  • Schools
  • Entrances
  • Parks
  • Industrial
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